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Programs at Gyopáros

Dotto train

 Dottó kisvonat GyopárosfürdőAbout 4 km between the center of Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő, you can take the Dotto train and also scheduled bus services. One ticket price per person is 350 HUF. The journey time of the small train is 30 minutes.

The stations:

Orosháza main square - Gyopárosfürdő
Orosháza main square (departure) - Táncsics street (5 minutes) - Árpád garden (10 minutes) - Rákóczi út (15 minutes) - Alföld Gyöngye Hotel (20 minutes) - Hotel Corvus Aqua and Napsugár Hotel (25 minutes) - Gyopárosfürdő Bath main entrance ( 30 minutes)

Gyopárosfürdő - Orosháza main square
Gyopárosfürdő Bath main entrance (departure) - Alföld Gyöngye Hotel (5 minutes) - Előd street (25 minutes) - Orosháza main square (30 minutes)


Fishing lakes

horgaszatBékés county offers plenty of fishing possibilities, ideal place for fans of fishing. Apart from the amasing Körös river, numerous fishing lakes are waiting for visitors during the summer months.

Fishing for these people means hobby, sport and entertainment in the same time. This passtime offers relaxation and excitement in a beautiful natural environment. The number of visitors is increasing year by year. Fishing is an experience that can be enjoyed alone or shared with friends and family. Fishing is about more than just catching fish; it is about enjoying nature and forgetting about your stresses. Fishing can be enjoyed by everyone – independent of age and gender!



Walking in Orosháza downtown

Orosháza séta

We can get to know a town really well only by having a pleasant walk in its downtown area.

First let’s take a walk down the main street. Its name is Kossuth Street. While walking you will feel the pleasant atmosphere and enjoy the nice view of the street. About a two-minute walk from here you will find the traditional market and hall, where local small scale producers sell their reliable products.

It’s worth walking to the Town Art Gallery on Endre Thék Street and visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions. We can also visit the only monument of the town that is the Lutheran Church constructed in late baroque style.

The centre of the town offers a wide choice of services: shopping facilities, banks, insurance companies and beauty saloons.

If we got exhausted and would do with a coup of coffee we can go to the Amadeus café. If we would like to have a nice lunch, the Pipacs restaurant is the best choice.

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Check-in from 14:00

Check out until 10:00

Breakfast from 7:00 to 10:00

Buffet lunch from 12:00 to 15:00

Half board dinner from 18:00 to 21:00

WiFi throughout the hotel.

Free closed parking.